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The Ancient Scientific Power of Ritual: Fire Labs

Fire Labs are an ancient scientific method of accessing and focusing the energies of the archetypes. This is a divine technology that has been used for many thousands of years, although these technologies have been nearly lost in the West. Dr. Pillai is interested to revive their use for mainstream audiences across cultures and [...]

The Power of Meditation

Many people have experienced the power of prayer in their own lives and in those they have prayed for, but what is the difference between the power of prayer and the power of meditation? If prayer is a intense emotional request directed towards some greater power, we might call the Divine, then meditation is [...]

The Power of Prayer

In many different cultures, people have claimed to experience miracles as a result of prayer throughout the ages. People have reported healing miracles or community miracles such as the coming of rain during a dry spell. Does this have relevance to the modern world? In more recent times, Larry Dossey, MD has been a proponent [...]

Inner World Travel Tour Explores Mystical World of Greece: Awaken the Goddess

In October, PillaiCenter.com and Inner World Travel invites yoga vacation seekers to travel Greece and its great history of gods and goddesses with Dr. Baskaran Pillai, founder of Pillai Center for Mind Science. Dr. Pillai’s tours combine ancient rituals of forgotten history with the historical places, vortexes of power, where the archetypes are said to [...]

A Prayer for the Gulf of Mexico

I have written before about the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese water researcher who is the author of Messages from Water and other works describing the effects of language on water. The implications of his work are enormous for us as both our own bodies and the planet Earth are composed primarily [...]

The Eight Yoga Processes

Dr. Pillai is holding a retreat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, from July 22nd through the 25th of July, 2010. He will be giving advanced training in the Science of Yoga. You can enjoy some time away from your habitual patterns and experience intensive training with an enlightened master teacher in a beautiful setting. [...]